Reolink TrackMix With Solar and SD


Wide-Angle & Telephoto Lens
Dual View & Dual Tracking
2K 4MP Super HD
5GHz/2.4GHz WiFi


Reolink TrackMix

Smart WiFi Battery Camera with Auto-Zoom Tracking

Crisp 2K Super HD Videos

With 2K 4MP high resolution, this dual-lens camera can capture sharper and finer details, bringing you a better visual experience.

Smart Detection & Two-Way Audio

TrackMix can distinguish people, cars and pets* from other objects to provide you with more accurate alerts. In addition, the built-in microphone and speaker allow you to hear and talk to visitors in front of the camera in real time from anywhere.

Person/Vehicle Detection – Two-Way Audio – Pet Detection (beta)*

Free from Wiring, Flexible to Anywhere

With rechargeable battery and solar panel, this camera realizes flexible power supply. The 5GHz WiFi connection allows you to install and use this camera easily.


Battery or Solar Powered

Eco-Friendly Economical

Reliable Connection
with Dual-Band WiFi

Reolink TrackMix supports 5GHz (5.8GHz) and 2.4GHz frequencies. Get better network performance and stronger WiFi signal with 5GHz WiFi, or you can switch to 2.4GHz band freely. Flexible to choose, easy to use.


Stands Up to Harsh Weather

Be it pouring rain or scorching heat, this camera can work perfectly in a variety of environments, thanks to the sturdy and solid housing.


Local Storage on the Micro SD card

This security camera records motion-triggered events for later playback. You can save them locally on a micro SD card (up to 128 GB).

  • Accurate Real-Time Alerts

    This camera sends you real-time alerts when it detects something suspicious. You can configure when you want to enable notifications—all the time or on a specific schedule.

    • Push Notifications
      Check real-time alerts popping up on your smartphone.
    • E-mail

      Receive email alerts with snapshots taken on the spot
    • Custom Siren
      Loudly warns you and deters intruders.


Live View & Smart Playback –Via the free Reolink App/Client, you can easily click to check what’s happening in your home or business and quickly search for the key evidence or funny moments.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs